10 Jobs with the Best Work-Life Balance

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Although financial security should always be a priority, work-life balance should never be ignored.

While considering job options or planning for a career, think carefully about how much separation you need from work and the rest of your life. Some people may be willing to throw down with 60-hour workweeks, while others may need something less intensive.

Mashable.com took a look at 10 jobs with the best work-life balance, which we've recapped for you below. All data was taken from glassdoor.com.

1. Data Scientist

The top spot on the list received a 4.4 rating out of 5, with professionals in this field reporting en masse that this career provides excellent work-life balance. This position tends to require a four-year degree. Although there aren't any strict paths to this career, internships and experience analyzing data are must-have prerequisites.

2. SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists took a very close second with a 4.3 rating. Similar to data scientists, SEO specialists again generally must have a four-year degree but do not have a strict career path to follow leading to this profession. SEO specialists must stay up to date on best practices, which involves constantly reading the latest news about search algorithm practices from major companies.

3. Tour Guide

Tour guides clocked in just under SEO specialists, but the professionals who reviewed this job gushed about its benefits. Apparently, tour guides enjoy great work-life balance and tend to enjoy learning all about the area in which they give tours.

4. Lifeguard

Lifeguards have a very physical job, so don't apply if you can't handle swimming and the prospect of lugging a person out of the water. Unlike the romantic scenes of athletic men and women running through sand you might see on television, real lifeguards need to be prepared to handle tough, stressful situations.

5. Social Media Manager

Social media managers don't just post company Facebook updates and craft witty tweets. These professionals are responsible for understanding SEO terms, what will resonate most with their audience and maximizing the impact of the company's online presence.

6. Group Fitness Instructor

Working in a gym as a group fitness instructor definitely comes with perks. A free membership to the gym is always a great thing, and working with groups will expose you to large groups of new people. This job is perfect if you care about fitness and enjoy interpersonal experiences.

7. User Experience Designer

User experience designers are the people who help make your online experiences smooth and hassle free. They design website layouts to make sure that users can find the right content when and where they want to. Although the job is naturally creative, it requires technical knowledge about how people process and navigate online content.

8. Corporate Communications

Corporations tend to be big. That is, they can sprawl into multiple countries and employ hundreds of people. These aspects tend to make smooth communication a difficult endeavor, so it's the responsibility of corporate communications professionals to handle the situation. This job is good for people with technical know-how and interpersonal skills.

9. Firefighter

Firefighters have a tough, dangerous job, but they tend to enjoy a good work-life balance. Their work schedules are usually flexible, and they are given more days off than most other professions.

10. Equity Trader

Equity traders oversee the flow of stocks in and out of their company. These professionals must be skilled with math and economics. This job tends to carry high levels of pressure as well, so anyone attempting it must be ready for stress and unconventional schedules.

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