Technology to Accelerate Your Career Transition

transition from servicemember to civilian

This week's career building essay comes from Trina Fitzgerald, an attorney, career resource specialist and a Veterans service Officer with MOAA.  With the current job market more competitive than ever, it is important to use all the resources and tools available to you in your career search.  Looking for the right job can take up as much time as being employed full time.  With current work responsibilities and competing personal responsibilities, taking advantage of transition tools electronically can help you manage everything on your plate.  Webinars and virtual career fairs can be wonderful career aids that easily fit into your busy schedule.

There are many classes and seminars available addressing military transition and resume development. In fact, MOAA offers over 200 classes a year nationwide at most of the major military bases.  As you start your transition, attending a class will help you create a roadmap to simplify your journey. Because it is not always feasible to attend live seminars, MOAA also offers these kinds of classes online, in a webinar format.  As you start to develop and strengthen your resume and LinkedIn profile, you can hear advice from our career transition experts at MOAA's October 8th Resume Workshop Webinar.  Getting information on how to set up these key self-marketing documents will ensure that you look polished and professional on paper and can help give you what is needed to edge out the competition.  Make sure your resume is market-ready, so it is available the next time you want to apply for a job opening, attend a networking event, or go to a career fair.

Virtual career fairs are growing in popularity every day.  Jobseekers have discovered how beneficial it can be to meet in a virtual setting, as opposed to being forced to leave work or home. While you can perform traditional career fair activities like meeting with recruiters and conducting interviews, there are several added benefits to attending a career fair online.  Virtual career fairs are generally free, there are usually shorter wait times to talk to a representative of a company you are interested in, and you do not have to deal with parking, weather issues and drive time. Because the cost is lower for employers to attend, compared to exhibiting at a traditional live career fair, you can gain access to smaller companies you might not be that familiar with.  You can even speak with companies across the country, if you are looking for a position outside of your current location.  If you plan on attending a live career fair (like MOAA's October 28th MOAA's Military Career Fair in Alexandria, Virginia) virtual career fairs can also help you prepare and practice.  MOAA will be hosting a Virtual Career Fair on November 19th, 2014.  For more information, and to register, go to

Transitioning to a new career presents many competing responsibilities. Let MOAA help keep you on track. Text "Career" to 66221 to receive tips on interview preparation, resume review services, job postings, and upcoming networking events and career fairs. With career-related information at your fingertips, you'll always be on the right track. Membership is not required. Message and data rates may apply.  For more information on MOAA career transition services, visit

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