Good Guy With a Gun: 'Die Hard,' Now in 4K


In addition to its place as one of America's best-loved Christmas movies, 'Die Hard' (just released in a 4K Ultra HD combo pack with Blu-ray and Digital HD) is such a great action picture that it's given us all an inflated idea of what one Good Guy With a Gun can accomplish against heavily armed terrorists.

New York City cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) flies to Los Angeles to visit his estranged family and stops off at his wife's corporate Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza. Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) is either a terrorist or a robber (or both) and his goons take over the building. Neither the LAPD nor the FBI has a clue and it all comes down to one yippee-ki-yay badass cop to save the day.

It's the 30th anniversary of the film's release and, despite thousands of tries sense, no one has quite matched director John McTiernan's perfect action movie. His commentary track reveals just how much that perfection owes to spontaneous decisions on the set and happy accidents. 

The package recycles bonus features from the most recent Blu-ray release, including that commentary track with director John McTiernan and production designer Jackson DeGovia, scene-specific commentary with special effects supervisor Richard Edlund, subtitle commentary by various cast and crew, "The News Casts" featurette and an on-screen copy of the movie's full-length screenplay.

The real draw here is the transfer. If you've got the right 4K TV and a 4K disc player, there's definitely more detail to see here and "Die Hard" isn't one of those movies where the lower-resolution formats of its era were counted on to hide flaws in the technical production of the movie. This 4K looks great and you'll want this even if you already spent $100 bucks on the Nakatomi Plaza collection back in 2015.

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