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Casting Call for American Military Families



Does your military family need a helping hand? Do you know a military family who needs support? Leftfield Entertainment, the production company who brought you Pawn Stars, American Restoration and Counting Cars, is casting a new "major broadcast network" show that's "dedicated to thanking American Military families across the country for their service, while showcasing the brotherhood that makes our armed forces the finest in the world."

Major broadcast network = ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox. Or it could be the CW. Leftfield is definitely a legit operation, with a website and everything. Check out their pitch below. If you're sold already, you can email Meghan.Griffin@leftfieldpictures.com to apply for the show. If you do make contact, let us know in the comments below.


From the Producers who brought you “Pawn Stars,” “American Restoration,” and “Counting Cars”…


Do you or someone you know have a family member in the military – active duty or a veteran?

Have you or your community been fighting a battle on the homefront?

Has the family business or farm been struggling?

Has an unexpected crisis, such as a major storm or natural disaster, occurred in your community while your loved one has been serving or since they have returned?

Do you or a service member you know need a helping hand?

In this heart warming new docu-series, our task force of military veterans will work to make the lives of service members, veterans, and their families a little easier back home. The goal of the program is to showcase that soldiers are soldiers for life and no matter what happens, they have one another's backs. Our task force will alleviate some of the family’s worries, so they can live out the American Dream they gave up so much to protect. If your family or a military family you know needs a helping hand, we want to hear from you!

Our military families are some of the strongest and most resilient people there are. However sometimes, an unexpected crisis can occur at home; the family business is struggling because of an economic collapse, a huge storm causes massive damage to a neighborhood, a drought is threatening the family farm, etc. In this heartwarming new docu-series, our task force of Military Veterans will work hand in hand with local communities to help the families of America's Armed Forces - both active and non-active. The task force will tackle a major mission to provide support to a military family and/or their community at large, making the lives of our home front heroes a little easier. The goal of this project is to alleviate some of the worries of our military members and their families’ so they can live out the American dream that they fought for. If your family or a military family you know needs a helping hand, we want to hear from you!

To nominate someone or for more information and to speak with a Casting Producer, please email Meghan.Griffin@leftfieldpictures.com with your name, location, a brief description of your family and situation. Be sure to include a few recent pics of you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

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