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Sound Off: Should the Military Change How Troops are Promoted?


Ashton Carter

How does the military know when a service member is ready for promotion? For most ranks and rates, a big chunk of the answer is simply time spent serving in the military. Defense Secretary Ash Carter thinks it's time to change the process. In a recent address, Carter argued that promotions for service members should be based mostly on merit, not time served.

As the generation that joined after 9/11 begins to start civilian careers, Carter stresses the importance of attracting and retaining the next generation of troops. His suggested changes go beyond promoting based on merit: he envisions programs that allow new recruits to join at higher ranks that reflect the training and skills they might bring with them from the civilian world.

Would his suggested changes would have a positive or negative impact on the military? If they ever do go through, they will provide significant changes to the current structure.

Do Carter's proposed changes to promotion go too far or are they a needed way to modernize? Sound off!

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