Under the Radar

4 Times Jon Stewart Stood Up for the Troops


Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

Jon Stewart announced this week that he's leaving The Daily Show later this year. His comedy-fueled takes on the news were often brutal to politicians and the powers that be, but Stewart has long gone out of his way to support the men and women who serve in uniform.

We've collected some of Military.com's best Jon Stewart Daily Show videos. Check them out below.


Jon Stewart, magician David Blaine and Utah Jazz great Karl Malone visit the troops at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. 


Jon Stewart on Veterans' Health Insurance in 2009.


He speculated about what was next for General Stanley McChrystal after he was relieved of command.


Stewart also hosted Army veteran vocal group 4Troops at his 2010 Rally for Sanity at the National Mall in Washington, DC.

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