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Remembering Louis Zamperini for Veterans Day


Louis Zamperini at Midland Army Airfield, 1941

Each year, the American Legion Magazine publishes a list of America's Most Beloved Veterans. The name most likely to be added to that list in 2015 is Louis Zamperini, the former Olympic athlete who survived incarceration in a Japanese POW camp after enlisting in the Army Air Corps. His inspirational story was chronicled in Laura Hillenbrand's 2010 bestseller Unbroken and that book is now the basis for a new movie directed by Angelina Jolie.


Theres a new edition of the book that's loaded with photographs provided by the Zamperini family. Bonus: the photos are printed in the text of the book and not in one of those photo inserts that make it hard to keep track of the story.

Universal Studios provided us with the above image from the book. Louis poses at the Midland Army Airfield in Midland, Texas around 1941. You can get a full-size copy of the image by clicking on the thumbnail below.

Unbroken the movie opens Christmas Day and we'll have a lot more coverage here at Under the Radar. You can still enter your own story of challenges met and obstacles overcome at the movie's #IAmUnbroken website.

Louis Zamperini at Midland Army Airfield, 1941

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