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Kid Sees Mom, Ignores Protocol


Young Cooper Waldvogel has no use for military protocol. When his mom Kathryn Waldvogel returned with Minnesota National Guard's Chisholm-based 114th Transportation Company from a nine-month tour of Afghanistan, Cooper ran across the auditorium at the Inver Heights Training Center and leapt into his mother's arms even though soldiers had been ordered not to greet their families until they'd been dismissed.

TV station KARE was there and captured the moment. Check out the video below.


This is the first time in 19th months that Cooper's family has been reunited in the same house. His father, Adam Waldvogel, serves with the Guard's 850th Horizontal Engineers and he didn't return from his last deployment until his wife Kathryn departed on hers.

This video comes at an interesting moment: Fort Bliss, a new feature film starring Michelle Monaghan as a mother dealing with a family life complicated by her military service, opens in theaters and on demand this weekend. Check back here tomorrow for Under the Radar's exclusive interview with the movie's writer/director Claudia Myers.

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