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Dwayne Johnson's #TeamHercules Workout


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson takes on the sword-and-sandal genre with a new Hercules movie that's due in theaters on July 25. Directed by Brett Ratner (all three Rush Hour movies, X-Men: The Last Stand) features a lot of hand combat with mythological creatures and the trailer suggests absolutely zero interest in staying faithful to the ancient Greek literary sources. Which is good, since all those old Heracles/Hercules were pretty boring with too much "acting" and not enough action.


Dwayne's promoting the movie with a #TeamHercules promotion via his very active @TheRock Twitter feed and the TeamHercules.com website. He's challenging his followers to put themselves through the training regimen he used to get cut for the movie, releasing one workout every few days via the images you can see above.

If you're wanting to get access the actual workout program Dwayne used to preprare for the role, the studio let us see the whole thing and we've posted it at Military.com's Fitness Center. If want to take on the movie's promotional workout program, you can tweet your progress to Dwayne if you use the #TeamHercules hashtag. Or just be hardcore and do it his way.

Check out the movie trailer below:



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