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Titanfall - Cheaters Beware!


By Daniel Reeder

Titanfall (for Xbox One and PC) is one of the most anticipated games in a long time. It's an FPS where you play a free-running, jetpack-wearing, futuristic armored soldier who can call down (and jump into) a mech (the Titan), which has more firepower than a modern armored platoon, extra subwoofers and a gyroscopic drink holder that protects your slushy when you're falling from orbit? What's not to like?


Like many games on PC, however, there is plenty of opportunity to cheat if you have the appropriate software. Different games have different cheating opportunities to exploit. The most common are aimbots in first person shooters. Others include character trainers in RPG games, X-Rays in Minecraft, movement hacks that speed your character up in several different games...there's stuff for everything, it just depends on the game.

In Titanfall, the main problem with cheating (where there is cheating) seems to be aimbots, though there are others. For those of you who would be inclined to compensate for pitiful cyber warrior skills, be advised - in Titanfall when you are banned, you aren't "banned" per se. You actually go to a special queue where you get to play with other cheaters. Only other cheaters. If you're banned, and you invite a friend to a joint op (an in-game party) your friend gets dragged along too.

In other queues (the majority of them) where people aren't cheating, you'll have a blast although unfortunately you're limited to games of 6 v. 6 on Origin, though I won't bore you with my rant about the evils of Origin and EA this time.


If you haven't already tried Titanfall, you really should. It's like a Call of Duty with giant robots (no kaiju) and great graphics. So far players have been going wild about it - there's too much hype about it, honestly. You can't visit any gaming website without seeing news about it.

Much as I hate to admit it, there may be a reason for that. Life may really be better with a Titan.


Oh, as an afterthought - watch for hidden features - there's no megalodon á la Battlefield 4 but that's no reason not to pay attention.


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