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STM Grip Case for iPad


Not everyone wants their iPad sheathed in a leather (or faux-leather) case  and the STM Grip Case comes is textured hard plastic case that comes in bright colors reminiscent of LEGOs or mid-century office furniture.

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The outside plastic is ridged to minimize drops (a/k/a the "grip" part of the name) and there's a soft lining inside to protect from scratches. The case has the magnets that allow it to work like the Apple covers: your iPad turns on when you open the case and shuts off when the case is closed.


There are two supports built into the back side of the case, allowing you to prop up your iPad at an angle for watching video and another one for typing.


The Grip Case comes in orange, electric blue, berry or black, works with 2nd, 3rd & 4th generation iPads and costs $45 from Mori Luggage or RadTech. They also make versions for the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air lines, the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5/5S.

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