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'One on One' With William Beatty of the New York Giants


William Beatty is an offensive tackle for the 2012 Super Bowl winning New York Giants.  Although Beatty is a formidable and intimidating player, his athletic prowess is only outdone by the size of his heart.  Beatty sat down to discuss his appreciation for the armed forces as well as his personal journey of overcoming obstacles to triumph in both his professional and personal life.

You've had the quite the NFL career in a short amount of time. What and who do you account for your success?

First, Thanks be to God for blessing me with the ability to play the sport that I love. The support of my family, who continuously encouraged me and lifted me up with I was down. Also my coaches, for taking the thought of me being a great player, and making it a reality.


You have endured injuries during your career, what advice do you have for those who have been sidelined from their military duties due to injury?

In no way am I trying to compare the injuries we players face in this game of football to the life and death situations of the brave men and women who protect our freedom. Particularly speaking, with my detached retina, which resulted in season ending eye surgery, the prayers, love and support of my family is what got me through that trying time. Specifically I was not able to see after surgery, and had to be guided through daily activities, which I once was able to complete without a second thought. As men, we are always expected to be strong and lead others. This was a time in my life that I needed to rely on others to help support, guide, and pull me through to a full recovery. Also i had to understand that there was nothing wrong with having your loved ones and others that care help in times that you need it most.

What do you do during the offseason?

I use the off-season to get my body healthy, in-shape, and ready for the next season. I am always trying to improve each year, and thus I use the off season to learn grow and develop my mind. I particularly use the down time during in the each off-season to learn a different trade. Last off-season I took up dance. This off-season I started wood-working but the birth of my baby girl soon had me learning to change diapers and be on call for a 3 hour feeding schedule 24/7.

Tell us about your fashion line.  Soldiers wear a uniform every day and for many of them their civilian wardrobe is pretty limited.  What is a classic outfit every guy should have in his closet?

I always enjoyed how an outfit can be used to express the thoughts and emotions of a person. In football we are required to wear a uniform but if you look closely many players use the approved apparel in different combinations to set them apart. As being a 6 foot 6 inches, 300+ lb, offensive linemen; it is not easy to walk into the mall and shop freely. I have put my fashion line on hold, because I am not able to give it the attention required to run a successful business. However, I have become close to my tailor and she allows me to express my ideas and opinions towards men's suits and casual wear.  Every guy should have a tailored, dark suit and a good pair of dress shoes.

Eli Manning, William Beatty

What did it feel like winning the Super Bowl? 

It is a joy and excitement that I can't really put into words. In playing football the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the profession; winning that title meant that we, the New York Giants, have over-come all obstacles and triumphs over our rivals to achieve a goal that can only be accomplished with surrendering the "I for the WE".

What books/television shows are you reading/watching right now?

Currently I have not found much time to watch TV or read books, but I have been listening to a series of sermons from Bishop T.D. Jakes. My outlook on life changed the moment my daughter was born. I am now a father and that i not a responsibility that i take lightly. I want to be spiritually ready to face life's challenges, so when my mind and body weary my soul is tough and able to withstand all.

Your job keeps you away from your family very similar to what deployed soldiers go through, how do you deal with the distance?  How do you keep the strong ties intact?

Pictures, phone calls. Sometimes the pictures say and mean more than a rushed conversation between meetings. I know that being at work will benefit my family and I use my family to give me strength and motivation at work.  Each off-season I try and take a vacation with my family, where I can spend time giving them my undivided love and attention.


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