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Blacks Op 2: Getting Started


Gettin' ready to pop smoke for the day and open up this package of FPS goodness.

Okay, we admit. We expected this game to suck. We wanted this game to suck. Gotta say though, so far....

This game decidely doesn't suck.

Our first couple hours of Black Ops 2 were like riding a roller coaster with a fat chick in spandex: it's a rush, and entertaining but you're not sure if you want your friends to know (the really cool ones mind you, not the barracks rats that will play anything in lieu of a prison hobby). The you get to rockin' and rollin' and heavy liftin' and you realize you just don't care.

This is a blast.

Any game that allows you to customize your knife brings a smile to our faces, and we like the new camouflage unlock stuff (yeah, it may be haute tacticouture but it's kewl). Black Ops opens up new levels of weapon and perk customization with their newly revamped system and it's definitely good to go. The story line is good (not great) and we should be following it, but honestly our time is currently spent learning the maps and gear in multiplayer - yeah there are people who complain that Activision blew the story line months ago and ruined things, but those guys are probably either stupid, take themselves to seriously or just plain old hippies (and if they are hippies, why are they playing Black Ops 2, and will they have Raul Menendez shirts a la Che?)

Oh, and we like the fact that Dave Petraeus made an appearance, and frankly we don't give a damn about his off-to-the-side fun-time bouncy bouncy, though we hate that it stained his career. We were less enthused about a USS Barack Obama, but that may be 'cuz we're biased against Big Navy.

We'll advise further as we get more into the game...and once we've thoroughly explored the ultimate badassery that is the Black Ops 2 zombie mode - which, if you were wondering, is worth the price of admission alone.

Boom baby.  For us, the game matches what we expected and hoped for from the trailers. Given how much money the game generated in just the first 24 hours, we're not along.


Mad Duo Clear

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