Under the Radar

Black Ops 2 Final Countdown



Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 won't be in stores until November 13th, but they're gone ahead and posted the official launch trailer. Since the game is set in the year 2025 (a detail that unfortunately reminds us of this song), they've invented some weapons from the future, including remote control surveillance bugs that are actual mechanical bugs, jet packs and wrist-mounted grappling hooks.

Here's a real question. Even though some of you made fun of Medal of Honor: Warfighter for hiring a band that hasn't had a real hit in almost a decade (Linkin Park) to promote the game, CoD seems to prefer a song that was released before 90% of the game's players were even born. Sure it's "Back in Black," but couldn't Activision at least talk to a band that's released a new album this decade?

The other big news is that Call of Duty Elite will be free with the new game, a gesture that goes a long way to recognizing the loyalty of the gamers who've made CoD the biggest game in the world


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