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What's Hot About Battleship


Don't mind the giant spiked killer bowling balls. The Decepticons from Transformers 7 threw them at the shore to keep the troops busy while they argued with the Sentinels over who got to keep Raikes once they captured her.

Deadline New York called that attack scene 'hot', but it's not really. This is hot:

That's former Navy Gunner's Mate Jackie Carrizoza. She probably never imagined that being the only girl playing on the Navy soccer team would result in a technical advisor role on a major Hollywood effort and ultimately, a character based on her in the major Hollywood motion picture Battleship.

Director Peter Berg spotted Carrizoza at a military tournament and particularly liked her ‘Bring the Hate’ t-shirt from the punk band The Hoods.  After taking her picture, he sent her an email asking if she would be interested in working on a movie he was making with pop star Rihanna.  Deployed at the time, she responded that she couldn’t help since she was active duty.  Berg used his connections on the ship and a few days later the Captain gave the go-ahead.

This gave Carrizoza the chance to spedt a month in Hawaii mentoring Rihanna. She helped her on everything from how to handle weapons like a mini gun to the use of proper Navy lingo and even how to play soccer with the boys.  Rihanna’s character, Cora Raikes, was ultimately adapted by Berg to be more like Carrizoza—a badass tomboy who can hold her own.  Rihanna had high praise for her mentor and even wore the same t-shirt showing off similar tattoos while filming the soccer scene.


Now a civilian, Carrizoza applies her weapons knowledge working as a range safety officer for Machine Guns Vegas. You can find her on Facebook if you're interested.

Battleship opens on May 18th. In addition to Rihanna it will feature cameos from giant mechanical monsters from Terminator Salvation, Matrix Revolutions and Transformers.

No word yet on what an alien attack has to do with the old Battleship game.

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