Under the Radar

Billy Ray Cyrus is American



"Runway Lights" is the first single from "I'm American."

God bless Billy Ray Cyrus. He's had a tough year after that awesome-yet-probably-ill-advised GQ interview that got him in so much trouble with Miley. And all that was after he'd had such bad luck with his "Brother Clyde" rock experiment in 2010.

Well, Billy Ray's pulled himself together. He's got a new album called I'm American that's designed to pay tribute to military families and, not coincidentally, hosts a new tv show on TLC  called Surprise Homecoming that reunites families with troops who've been serving overseas.

The album also features a new version of his veterans tribute "Some Gave All." Go back and read that GQ article again. Billy Ray's just a country boy who got blinded by the bright lights of Hollywood, realized his mistakes and just wanted to make things right for his family. Miley may be long gone for him, but the boy's heart is definitely in the right place. Maybe you want to give I'm American a shot.

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