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The Truth About Being Single


*Writer's Note: I wrote this article for Fox News iMAG.  I felt with Valentine's Day approaching, it maybe a good idea to remind singles that love is always around the corner.

My two best friends, Allison, Jennifer, and I gather at an Irish pub in Midtown on a gloomy Saturday night. A few guys look over and give us the “hey, what’s up,” nod, which we ignore because tonight is not about men. Oh no, tonight is about figuring out why the heck dating and relationships have to be so difficult.

“I think it’s about time I accept that I’m ok with being alone," Allison says ." I need to embrace my solitude.”  I respect her sentiment but I know she’s only lying to herself. People aren’t meant to be alone. We need social interaction; we thrive on it. Must I remind you of Tom Hank’s character in “Cast Away?” The volleyball became his best friend. Maybe it’s a dramatic comparison, but nonetheless people need people. People need love.

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