Under the Radar

Welcome to the New Place


We've spent the last few months building this new version of our entertainment blog and learning what kinds of posts our readers like to see.

Along with our new look, we're bringing in some more writers and we've come up with a new name: Under the Radar. Under the Radar will have a pretty loose definition of what counts as entertainment: posts about movies, television, music and books will appear alongside sports, electronics and anything weird we find out on the newswires.

We're also looking for some input from you. The Barracks Patrol wants to know what's up:

"Is your first sergeant on another rampage? Is your CO "distinguishing" himself again? Is there crazy stuff going on in your unit or chain-of-command that is too good to keep to yourself? Tell Under the Radar about it. Confidentiality guaranteed!"
You can also send us ideas for stories you'd like to see on Under the Radar.

We can't believe we have to say this, but here goes: Under the Radar is commentary. We don't report the news; we offer our take on what happened--you know, like 95% of the programming you see on CNN, ESPN, Fox News and msnbc. If you want more traditional news stories check out Military.com's excellent military news and entertainment news pages.

We're all looking forward to the show.

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