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"Supporting the Troops" Does Not Cover Up the Fact that Your Song Sucks



Dear Smile Empty Soul,

Without the press releases you've sent to us here at Military.com, we'd think of you as just another nu metal band that got dropped from your major label deal but was still trying to make a living. 

Your publicist has so effectively hammered his point home about "This is War," the free acoustic download that you've recorded as a thank you to the military, that we've posted a link here on our site.

However, we can't figure out why anyone who's actually seen action would identify with your imagined first-person narrative that sounds more like it was inspired by Halo 3 than actual real-life battle experiences. 

Also: your producer really doesn't like your lead singer. Anyone who lays that much Autotune on a vocal for an acoustic song is really just trying to draw attention to how badly he thinks you sing.

Anyway here's the link again to your song. Your publicist got it posted up in here and all press is good press, right? No worries.

Sincerely, best of luck with the making a living part. It's hard out there for a band and most everyone who makes music deserves better than we've gotten this decade.


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