Flag Day

Early American Flags

The first flags adopted by our colonial forebears were symbolic of their struggles with the wilderness of the new land.

The Flag House

The Flag House is located on the northwestcorner of Albemarle and Pratt Streets in Baltimore, Maryland.

Commemorating Patriot Day

September 11 was a tragic day in American history -- and a date that has been chosen to commemorate those who lost their live...

The Importance of Flag Day

Servicemembers and veterans have an old friend named Old Glory that is always there, even though it is often overlooked and t...

Reflections on Flag Day

"What does it say of us when we forget, overlook, or simply brush aside the opportunity to honor the best among us?"

U.S. Flag Code

Want to know how to properly respect the U.S. flag? Follow these rules, as stated by the U.S. Flag code.

Rules for Saluting US Flag

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 contained an amendment to allow un-uniformed servicemembers, military retirees...

How to Retire Your Flag

Each year, Americans across the nation unfurl their flags on Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Flag Day. For some, the Sta...

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