4 Reasons Why Trick or Treating on Base Is the Best


We might feel a bit homesick when we miss holidays with our families, but holidays on base can be extra special. Trick-or-treating can be a little difficult if you've moved to a new area or have younger children. How do you know where to go or what the local trick-or-treating habits are?

But with so many people in the same situation in the military community, Halloween events and trick or treating on base might just be the best option for your family.

4 Reasons to Go Trick-or-Treating on Base


The military community looks after their own, and that includes our children. Holidays can look a little different for military kids if they move to a new place or have a parent far away. But we all strive to make them as normal as possible for our children. Everyone makes an effort to make sure kids have a fantastic time trick-or-treating.


Some parents worry about the safety of neighborhoods and towns surrounding their base, and most bases have at least one area nearby that is, um, a little sketchy. Parents become nervous about having their children knocking on doors in unsafe or unknown locations.

Many parents choose instead to trick-or-treat on base since there are more families, more police presence and those glorious pre-set trick-or-treating hours. You can find those posted online and around base so people know they should try to avoid driving during those hours and people can be home to dish out the candy.


In addition to trick-or-treating at base homes, many units and organizations will also have a "trunk or treat." This event usually occurs a few days before Halloween. Families and friends will decorate their cars in the best Halloween decor and hand out candy while in costume.

Many trunk or treats include a potluck dinner and contests. Military bases have also been known to put on events like Halloween-themed bowling and fall carnivals. Those can be perfect if you don't want your young children to stay out late on Halloween itself.

For the older kids, many bases will host a haunted house or provide trips to local haunted hayrides. We are very lucky that we have organizations on post that enjoy hosting Halloween events for all ages.

Get Connected

Living off base can sometimes make it difficult to meet new people. We are often so busy with the day-to-day stresses that we can forget to take time to actually get to know one another. But taking advantage of activities on base -- whether you live on or off -- is a great way to meet new people!

The best part about trick-or-treating on base is that everyone is outside mingling with one another. It is a rare thing to have all your neighbors outside at once, but Halloween makes that possible.

Check out your base Facebook page or website for Halloween events near you. Hit up your local Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) to see what other Halloween activities they have.

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