The Many Phases of MilSpouse Summer in GIFs


It wasn't that long ago that you were counting down the days to summer. Now, you are counting down the days for it to end. It does not make you a bad parent, but a human being. We know how it really goes.

Here are the phases of your summer, in GIFs.

I remember sitting in my office, chomping at the bit for the last moment of work. I had already handed off my account set to my peers, changed my out of office setting on my voicemails and contacted my important clients. The super planner in me already had our beach bags packed, cooler contents ready to be thrown into a freshly iced cooler upon walking in the door and the dog was dropped off at the sitter.

We were ready for vacation. Remember? We were so excited to spend time with our kids.


And then, time for the family to embark on the annual summer car trip.


Four days into the beach vacation and you notice the kids are looking a bit waterlogged and your husband’s sunburn is reaching an epic redness. Rock Lobster, anyone? There is one day left of the vacation and it is time to pack everyone back in the car and go home. The trip seems to be dragging on and your kids are getting whiney about how long the drive is taking.


You are finally home after that last leg of the car trip. You have made it. Much like the smell of napalm in the morning, victory. You pull in the driveway and the zen feeling of home is fabulous.


Your children are showing signs of boredom after the fun trip to the beach and being at home for a month. They are bored of the activities you planned to wear them out physically and mentally around your work hours. Your kids can only read so many books and go to free movies. Their friends are away on staggered vacations so inviting someone to come and play to act as a buffer is out.

You heard your kids say, “I wish I was at school. I miss my friends.” You stare wistfully at the calendar wishing it was back to school time again. You are actually missing your coworkers and having quiet time with your own mind. Your kids are getting hyper and are ready to go to school and you are ready to see them go.


Your nerves can’t take it anymore. Just go to school!


You did it, you survived the summer! Your family had a wonderful vacation. You had fun exploring a new city and making memories everywhere you went. Your kids got to spend time away from their video games and you got to take in the outdoor world. Pour yourself a glass of wine and daydream about your next adventure.


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