4 Reasons We're Falling for Fall

Fall foliage at Arlington National Cemetery
Fall foliage in Section 55 of Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, Oct. 29, 2018. U.S. Army photo/Elizabeth Fraser

Summer is ending and it is time to look forward to fall. After three years in Hawaii, I was excited last year to experience fall again.

Since I am coming around on only my second fall in a while, it is time to get hyped. If you did not know that fall is the best season out there, let these topics be your guide. This is a relaxing time of year -- the summer busy schedule is over and the holiday craziness has not kicked off, so sit back and get ready to get excited.

Here are 4 reasons we are falling for fall: 

The Outfits

Tank tops and shorts are fun for a bit but what we all love is a sweater, leggings and boots. I love the comfort that comes with fall weather. I get so tired of wearing sandals and long for boots. Ugg boots, knee-high boots, even booties. They are all so cute and pairing them with soft leggings is the key to comfort and style. I also love a good sweater. You can dress up leggings with a fitted sweater, dress down in an oversized one -- the possibilities are endless.

The Food

Every Target-lover knows what fall is really about. Pumpkin spiced lattes. It seems like every major coffee and restaurant chain has their own version so you will be able to find one on literally every corner. Not only is it PSL time, it is time for pumpkin everything. Pumpkin doughnuts, soups, muffins -- the sky is the limit. Pumpkin not your thing? It is also apple season. Turnovers and pies are some of the tastiest dishes and just scream fall. It is also the time when companies release spiked apple ciders and pumpkin beer. One of the drinks we like to make is mulled wine. It brings the smell of fall into your house, will keep you warm and it tasty.

The Activities

Summer outdoor activities are fun but it is hot. Fall activities are great because it is not too cold outside so doing outdoor activities are more enjoyable. Two of the must-do things are visiting an apple orchard and a pumpkin patch. A lot of pumpkin patches have additional things to do, like hay bale or tractor rides and a place to pet some farm animals. Apple orchards are great, too. You can go pick all the apples you can carry and then you will be ready to make all the turnovers your heart desires. You can also make applesauce, apple cider and apple jam. So good.

The Weather

The heat and humidity are fading. The leaves are turning yellow and red and the air is getting crisp. This time of year is so amazing. It is perfect sweater weather, not too hot, not too cold, so taking walks after dinner is a great family activity. Since many kids play fall sports, going to see the football game on Friday night will not be freezing and the soccer game will be comfortable to watch. Fall is the best time of year. Since the leaves are changing, you should take a scenic drive to simply enjoy the scenery. With all the apples, it makes even the air smell delicious. Fall is also the last time of the year to really enjoy the outdoors before winter hits so after school and the weekends are spent outdoors.

Summertime is hot and full of excitement with vacations and moving that fall is the perfect time to get back into a routine and just relax. The kids are busy with their school activities, football is on TV, and this is the calm before the holiday busy season. There is nothing more satisfying than sipping on a PSL, in some comfy leggings, while sitting at a football game. If you never considered fall something to get excited for, this is the year you totally should.

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