5 Favorite Military Father's Day Gifts


Father's Day is right around the corner, neatly sandwiched between the end of the school year and PCS season -- and you're looking for Father's Day ideas. 

We know dads are incredible.

They throw kids higher, laugh (and sometimes snore) louder and bear hug tighter.

There are entire books published about dad jokes and dad shorts and dad lessons, because all of those things really do make fathers extra special.

We know dads deserve nothing but the best.

And we also know you have 10,000 other things going on, and sometimes it's nice for us to make decisions for you. That said, we wanted to make it easy on you this year. Pick from the list, visit their website and cross that pesky but important "find Father's Day ideas" thing off your to-do list. Here are our 5 favorite Father's Day gifts:

1. Father's Day Ideas: The Bottle Breacher

What’s more American than a bullet that doubles as a beer opener? When you find out that Bottle Breacher's founder and owner is a former Navy SEAL. And they even have a special Father’s Day breacher. Give your guy a breacher, a six pack and a well-deserved break.

2. Father's Day Ideas: Golf lessons

Have you heard about PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere)? It provides all veterans with free golf lessons taught by local PGA professionals. Give your honey the gift of golf by researching it for him, finding out when the next Down Range Clinic will be and blocking off some weekend time to let him perfect his golf game.

3. Father's Day Ideas: Mmm… Meat

There’s nothing more stereotypical than grilling on Father's Day, but the fact is, lots of dads like to do it. This year, treat both of you to an awesome dinner by ordering Omaha Steaks and using the 10 percent military discount at check out. Visit Military.com for more military discounts.

4. Father's Day Ideas: Challenge Coin holder

If the dad in your life is a veteran or service member, then give him the gift of taking all of the challenge coins out of a drawer and putting them on display on one of these wooden American flag coin holders by Flags4Heroes. Made by a 30 year veteran of the fire department, their motto is heroes honoring heroes. Each piece is custom made and gorgeous.

5. Father's Day Ideas: Combat Flip Flop

There's nothing better than finding an awesome product that is helping the world do incredible things. The Army vet-owned company, Combat Flip Flops, manufactures their goods in war zones in order to empower local entrepreneurs and give back to those communities. The AK-47 design is our favorite, and as described on their site, it's “bad for combat, perfect for peacemaking. This high-speed design is the benchmark of CFF construction and features cast bullet casings, heat stamped poppies, and that Afghan style we all know and love.” Oh, and purchasing a pair of these funds one day of secondary school for an Afghan girl. Amazing.

Whether you're buying steaks or helping stamp out war in impoverished countries, (or both!) you can't go wrong when you choose from our list of five favorite Father’s Day gifts. Make the day as special as the dad.

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