5 Perfect Gifts for a MilSpouse on Mother's Day


Mother's Day is just around the corner (it's always the second Sunday in May) and once again you're left looking for Mother's Day gift ideas for the woman who does it all. Whether she birthed you or married you and gave you children, this is the woman you should be thanking every day. And nothing says “thank you” like an awesome gift.

There are three rules of gift giving on this holiday that must be strictly adhered to: It must be thoughtful. It must not be used for housework. And it must be awesome. If you want to stick to these three rules, pick one (or a combo!) of these MilSpouse Mother's Day gifts. Extra bonus points: All of these items have a military spouse or service member connection -- which, yes, automatically makes them awesome.

1. Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Count Your Blessings Necklace

We love R. Riveter and were so proud to cheer for them on Shark Tank. All of their handbags are gorgeous, and you can't go wrong with a purse from this MilSpouse owned and operated company. If a purse is outside of your price range, opt for any of their awesome Mother's Day collection.  

2. Mother's Day Gift Ideas: A Flying Scarf

Supporting Flying Scarfs -- a 100% volunteer business run by an all-veteran team -- is enough to make any woman swoon, and when she gets a scarf along with it, well it's just a cherry on top. Flying Scarfs was started by Air Force pilots who served combat deployments in Afghanistan. In talking to locals, they learned that extremist groups preyed on destitute children, recruiting them to the insurgency. With their mothers widowed and unable to work outside the home, supporting the family fell to these kids, who often had no better choice than to turn toward extremism. So, the pilots started employing the women by founding a scarf company. They now employ over 60 Afghan women and have donated over $200,000 to women and children in Afghanistan. And by the way, they also sell beautiful, handmade scarves. 

3. Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Hello Rosie Co.

The brainchild of military spouse power friends Krystel Spell and Lakesha Cole, Hello Rosie features a whole parade of great products, from custom shirts to mugs and teas. Support two spouse entrepreneurs and get mom something fun that she'll love.

4. Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Encouragement for her entrepreneurial dreams

Has your lovely lady been talking about starting her own business? Give her the gift of encouragement in the form of a signed copy of Lakesha Cole’s book, Mommy Retailing: A Mom’s Guide to Starting a Boutique. Have the kiddos make homemade bookmarks to go with it, and carve out an afternoon for her to dive into reading, all by herself.

5. Mother's Day Gift Ideas: A subscription to Six Box 

The Six Box is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you order a three month subscription. Full of goodies ranging from inspirational art to seeds for a garden, the Six Box is the perfect gift for the mama celebrating solo this Mother’s Day. 

Whether the special woman in your life would rather spend the day with breakfast in bed and smothered with snuggles, or on a beach all by her lonesome, these awesome MilSpouse Mother’s Day gift ideas will surely make her day a great one.

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