11 Military Aviation Phrases You Can Use at Home


Those of us who are fortunate enough to be married to aviators are all too familiar with the military aviation phrases used by our spouses. The more I become accustomed to this new language, the more I think about how It would look if I incorporated pilot lingo into my own vocabulary.

Here are 11 military aviation phrases you can use in everyday life:

1. Brief (a formal meeting to go over plans and logistics). “Honey, let’s be sure to brief before we start on these Saturday house projects. I’d like to make sure we account for weather and winds.”

2. Show time (arrival time for the flight crew). “I’d like to go to that fitness class I love on Saturday morning. Since the class starts at 10:00, I’m going to need to shoot for a 9:00 show time. So, I’d better leave the house at 8:30 – have fun with the kids!”

3. Touch and Go (landing and taking off without coming to a full stop). “We only need to get dog food and batteries. No, I promise this time my Target trip will just be a touch and go!” Two hours, a full cart, and $150 later...

4. Sim (a computerized simulation of a flight). “Hosting family Christmas this year is going to be a challenge. I’m going to hit up the sim this week to make sure I’m fully prepared for all possible scenarios. An emergency wine shortage is no laughing matter.”

5. Go-around (a re-approach for improvement). “Sweetheart, it looks like you missed a spot mowing. Better go-around and try it again.”

6. Currencies (education or training required to stay current for flights). “I have to complete my currencies before I’m cleared for the day ahead – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter – CHECK.”

7. Pubs (or “publications” – newest information for flying). “Yea, I’m thinking I had better flip through these newest pubs once more before heading to Macy’s. Did I see handbags on sale?!”

8. TDY (temporary duty assignment). “Babe, it’s only a three day TDY to Vegas. I know I was just there last month, but Stephanie really needs me there for her bachelorette party. It’s important for morale.”

9. Sorties and hours (flights and hours in flight). “I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty sure I’m on the leader board for time spent at the commissary this month -- 10 different sorties with over 75 hours completed!”

10. Call Signs (nicknames used in the air). *Texting my friend Meredith* “Maverick, you ready to ride formation to the Adele concert tonight?”

11. G-Suit (a secure suit worn over the flight suit when “pulling Gs”). “If only Lululemon would come out with a fashionable, overpriced G-suit for my daily athleisure wear. Did I get this tight tush from working out every day or from drinking pinot noir while shopping online? We may never know.”

Are you married to a pilot? Share your military aviation phrases in the comments! 

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