A Letter from a Soldier's Wife to Mr. President


Dear President Elect Trump:

I kindly ask you to remember that although you have risen to the greatest, most powerful role in the United States -- getting there was the easy part. Not only are military families waiting with bated breath to see how you’ll lead us and protect those who protect our nation, but so is the rest of the world.

I hope this letter finds you well, ready to take on all that is the great United States of America. It’s been an interesting couple of months since your election. While quite a bit of the country is divided over how they feel about you as the 45th President, I find myself in a precarious position.

I did not vote for you. I hope you understand that is my right as an American citizen, as I understand that it was the right for those that voted for you.

Although you weren’t my choice in leading our nation, I have great hope you’ll be successful. On Friday, you’ll not only become President of our nation, as a military spouse, you will literally hold my husband’s life in your hands as his Commander in Chief.

You will have many different things to focus on as you, along with Congress, work to make America your version of great. I can only hope that you understand the magnitude of your role as CIC, and handle it with the enormous care and consideration it deserves.

The decisions you and Congress make over the next four years will affect our family for the rest of our lives. Not only in how you lead our Armed Forces, but the care you structure for veterans is extremely important. The respect you show our Blue Star families, Gold Star families and veterans goes far beyond lip service. I hope that you back up your words with policies that show respect in action. For, in return, our men and women in uniform have dedicated their lives and pledged to sacrifice what most will not.

There have been glimmers, demonstrations if you will, of that respect for our military. I was particularly happy with the abundance of early Administration picks that happen to be former (and highly celebrated/successful) Generals.

Our children are watching, too. My teen and pre-teen children have never known an America that has not been at war; they also have never been as aware of world events, specifically politics, as they are now. With you having a young son at home, it should be simple to lead with them -- our country’s future -- in the forefront of your thoughts.

Before you threw your hat in the political arena, I’d always just known you as a businessman. I admit that I didn’t care much to know specific details of your business dealings, although I did enjoy Celebrity Apprentice. I have no doubt that you’ll approach each obstacle you’ll face with the same business acumen that you did before becoming President. I pray you are compelled beyond business when it comes to our veterans. These are real people, with real families who are counting on you to see them as more than a number and more than a business deal.

On the day of your Inauguration, many that did not vote for you will still hold much disdain and maybe even outrage. I suspect that it would be the same had your opponent been the woman being sworn in on January 20th. Military families don’t have the ability to write you off; it’s not in our best interests. Whether we agree with the policies and beliefs of the Commander in Chief, no matter who that person is we still have to trust that they will do what’s best and what’s right for the people that we care the most about. Our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guard are counting on you.

While I’m sure that there are many military spouses who don’t feel the same as I do when it comes to your election as President, I feel confident in saying that we all want you to be a successful Commander in Chief. So with that being said… congratulations on being the 45th President of the United States. Please make us proud.


A Soldier’s Wife and Proud American

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