Christmas Album by UK Military Wives Hits the Mark

A new album by a United Kingdom military wives choir combines classic choir-style singing with familiar holiday tunes to produce an album that tugs at the heart strings. 

The new album, released late last month in the UK, features the members of the Military Wives Choir, a network of military wives who got their start in a hit BBC TV show, "The Choir: Military Wives," and helped spawn The American Military Spouse Choir, which appeared on America's Got Talent. 

The Military Wives Choir has over 2,000 members with 70 individual choirs. 

Of the 12 songs on this Christmas album, six contain lyrics written by choir members catered to the experience of military life and set to traditional Christmas tunes. Chief among these is "Home for Christmas," set to the tune we associate with "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."

Bring us peace and bring us love Bring us hope from heaven above. The only present that I need Is your presence here with me.

Home for Christmas you should be  Home with friends and family Home for Christmas you should be Home for Christmas here with me.

Home (won't you come on home?)

That's just a sampling of the lyrics in this song that is sure to resonate deeply with anyone who has experienced a Christmas separation. 

Check out the song's official video:


Buying the album supports the choir, which seeks to connect UK military spouses with each other for camaraderie and support.

You find a full album sampling and links to ways you can purchase it here! 

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