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You've got toys for your tots, photo books for the grandparents and the newest gadget for your spouse. But what military spouse gifts do you get for your MilSpouse bestie? What could you possibly buy for the person who has seen you at your worst, your house at its dirtiest and made your darkest days a little brighter? Although Target might be your favorite date place together, nothing from their pristine aisles will do for the person whose thoughtfulness always amazes you. For your MilSpouse bestie, you have to turn to Etsy.

And what's better than buying thoughtful, military themed gifts for your BFF? Supporting other military spouses while you do it. Here's SpouseBuzz's five military spouse gift ideas for that guy or gal who makes your military life even merrier:

1. Custom sign by PupsPlanesAndPallets

This adorable shop is owned by Air Force wife, Nicole, and has tons of great signs that would spruce up even the blandest white wall in base housing. No matter what branch your best bud calls home there's a sign here for him or her that would make awesome military spouse gifts.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/477557512/home-is-where-the-air-force-sends-us https://www.etsy.com PupsPlanesAndPallets

2. The perfect bling by HopeDesignLtd.

Professional chef turned jewelry designer, Army wife, Lauren, has the most incredible military-themed bling you'll find at HopeDesignLtd. Whether you're looking for an Army charm bracelet, a Navy hair pin, Marine Corps earrings, cuff links, a vintage WWII brooch for your pin-up loving pal, or something else, she's got it. And if she doesn't, she'll make it; she takes custom orders too.


https://www.etsy.com/listing/477557512/home-is-where-the-air-force-sends-us https://www.etsy.com Hope Design LTD

3. A glass full of sass by MonsterAndMunchkin

Air Force wife, Heather, puts the win in wine with great glasses to survive military life and other awesome gifts at MonsterAndMunchkin. There's no better description than her own, with this item's details being: "Deployments suck... This 10 oz. double walled travel wine tumbler is perfect for days at the pool, beach, or just those days where you want to sit on the couch and binge watch Gilmore Girls." Your bestie needs this. And I might need Heather to be my bestie. 

https://www.etsy.com/shop/MonsterAndMunchkin MonsterAndMunchkin photo (used with permission)

4. A beautiful bag by OurDelightfulChild

Every item in this shop by MilSpouse Maria is fab. From flightsuit bags to cute kiddo skirts, clutches to changing pads for diaper bags, she's way talented. Some items are ready to ship, some are custom-ordered (and if any of my friends are reading this, here's the one at the top of my wish list):

https://www.etsy.com/shop/OurDelightfulChild OurDelightfulChild

5. De-stress with the best by MODBathAndBody

Give your friend the gift of relaxing, without even leaving the house. Bonus points if you take the kids while your friend takes to the tub. With decadent soaps, scrubs, lotions and more using natural ingredients and delicious sounding names, MilSpouse Jamie has something here for everyone.

https://www.etsy.com/shop/ModBathandBody MOD Bath and Body

This year, skip the lines at the mall and support other military spouses by shopping our military spouse gifts Etsy recommendations. Get your orders in soon; Christmas deadlines for some of the stores are as early as this weekend. We know your bestie deserves the best.

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