Our Favorite Military Spouse Blog Posts of 2016


The military spouse community is wide and varied and wonderful. And we like to get our thoughts and opinions out there. As 2016 comes to a close, I want to share 10 of my favorite military spouse blog posts from the past year. These posts span all aspects of military life and include a few to keep you laughing.

10 of Our Favorite Military Spouse Blog Posts of 2016

1. The Seasoned Spouse. At least once a month on our neighborhood Facebook page someone comments about how they don’t think their electric bill is correct. Turns out this concern isn't location specific. The Seasoned Spouse took an informal survey at her base and shared her findings.

2. More than a Milso. As the Program Director at the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, I talk about Military and First Responder marriages every day. A service marriage is hard but as you know, it’s so worth it! More than a MilSo shares a few tips to get out of that relationship rut.

3. Foreign Policy. While the majority of us haven’t attended “Wife School” as it’s called in this article in Foreign Policy, it definitely sparked a few lively conversations about what is expected of spouses. But one of the best comments I read on this article was from a spouse who has attended this “school” and how she took what she learned there and went back and applied it to her job. Sure it was tough for her to take the week off but it ended up helping her in her career.

4. Freeborboleta. Are you interested in learning a new hobby in 2017? Freeborboleta shares her tips to learn brush lettering which looks like calligraphy. This is a hobby you can use to make extra money, address holiday cards or volunteer your time for an event.

5. Airing My Dirty Laundry. The gate guards see hundreds of people a day. Over at Airing My Dirty Laundry she lists her embarrassing moments while going through the gate. I have to admit, I’ve had a few of these happen to me.

6. NextGen MilSpouse. Does your spouse have a mistress? I think even those couples with the most solid marriage can relate to this article on NextGen MilSpouse.

7. Kayla Roof. Is launching a business in your plans for 2017? Many military spouses do it but it can be much harder than expected. Kayla Roof has some fantastic tips to get you started.

8. PMQ for Two. Yes, the Sex and the City finale happened 10 years ago but I still love the show. This post over at PMQ for Two sets military life to GIFs and had me laughing the whole way through and thinking about so many of my military sisters along the way. A few of them are not suitable for work.

9. Burke Does. Money is one of the top stressors for military families. The best way to fight this stress is by putting your money to work! The first step is creating a budget and Emilie over at Burke Does shares a simple, straight forward way to create a budget.

10. Wife in the Wild Blue Yonder. We’ve all heard about OPSEC. We’ve all probably seen someone break it, a spouse be corrected for breaking it or someone thinks they broke it. Wife in the Wild Blue Yonder let’s us know the real deal about OPSEC.

With so many fantastic military spouse bloggers it was hard to cut this list to 10. What have your favorite military spouse blog posts been this year?

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