Can We Please Be Real About Military Marriage?


There is one topic that completely unites every military spouse, because it's something we all share: we're all in a relationship with a service member -- and we all need military marriage help.

So how is it that the one thing we all have in common is also the one thing that can make military spouses feel so, so isolated? Maybe it's the pressure to put up a good front, to pretend like everything is perfect all the time. Maybe when we do that, we miss that everyone is struggling with real military marriage, too. 

At Military.com we believe that honesty about relationships and military life matters, because it gives us the strength to power through. We know military relationships are hard. We know that military marriage help is tricky. But we also know that no matter what it is we are going through, we are not the only ones who have experienced it. 

We can walk this military life journey with you because it is our journey, too. We are military spouses and partners, just like you. We haven't just walked this walk -- we're walking it right now. We have survived combat injuries, the challenges of long separations, affairs, PTSD, reintegration, emotional hurt, divorce discussions, military marriage help, the pressures of having kids, financial woes, long road trips, months with almost no communication, miscommunication about sex, sicknesses, mother-in-law problems and more. 

If we can get through, so can you. No one has to do this journey alone.

And that's why we're starting a new feature on Military.com's Spouse Channel called "Love War." In it we will tackle military marriage issue with the aid of Corie Weathers, a licensed professional counselor and U.S. Army chaplain's spouse who specializes in military marriage help. With her advice and guidance combined with the input of other military marriage experts and realists, we will create a space where we can talk about real military marriage -- and how we can not just survive, but thrive.

But to do it well we need your help. Although we have seen a lot of the struggles military marriage has to offer, we realize we don't know everything. Tell us in the comments what topics you would like to see addressed in Love War, and check out our first two Love War columns here

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