5 Costume Ideas for your MilKid

A trick-or-treater gets candy from a Marine.
Volunteers passed out candy to children with the Child Development Center during a Trunk or Treat at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C. Marine Corps photo/Debra Sainer.

It’s no secret that military families are by nature, very patriotic. But how does that translate to kids' military Halloween costumes? Some military kids display their patriotism by dressing like their mom or dad service member on Halloween. Others prefer to wear a costume of their favorite superhero, especially the characters that are popular among friends at school. Some of these costumes are easy to put together with items you might already have in your home.

Here are 5 adorable kids' military Halloween costumes:

1. Military Uniform

This one seems obvious but until recently I had no idea some Exchange stores sell kid sized uniforms. If your Exchange doesn’t offer the uniforms you could purchase camo pants and a shirt, face paint and a hat. I’ve learned that as long as the kids have face paint it’s a win in our house. This costume was even more fun when I let the kids paint their own faces. But be prepared, that can get messy!

2. Olympian

The Olympics are right around the corner and kids will enjoy making their own gold, silver, and bronze medals, and picking their favorite athlete. Decathlete Ashton Easton, track and field star Shadrack Kipchirchir, gymnast Gabby Douglas and Paralympic swimmer Brad Snyder all have a military background.

3. Captain America

Before the Avengers movie, Captain America was a comic book hero designed as a patriotic supersoldier. The Avengers has been a huge hit and Captain America, who is the leader of the group, has one of the best costumes. Who doesn’t want to wear red, white and blue with a star on their chest?

4. Firefighter

There is something about firefighters that kids love. Maybe it’s the water, big red truck, fun pole they get to slide down or that they often have a cute dog. Kids flock to firefighters and their truck when they see them. I’ve seen fire hats given away for free at restaurants or events and if you have a dog this is a perfect opportunity for them to join in on the fun!

5. President

Presidents are often seen in a suit which is something your little one may already have in their closet. There are many Presidents to choose from and adding a hat or beard can really take their costume up a notch. Little girls could dress as the first female President and be ready to knock those barriers down!

Halloween is a great time for kids to have fun with family and friends, display their creative side and even discover new possibilities about what they want to be when they grow up -- even if that means busting out the kids' military Halloween costumes. It also provides parents with an opportunity to discuss the path toward the child becoming someone similar to their favorite hero, athlete or role model. Additionally, costumes are simply fun to create and can also be modified by paint, dye or lights. Children who choose to dress as a zombie or werewolf, for example, have an endless range of creative possibilities when creating their unique look. President, Olympian, firefighter anyone?

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