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Every once in a while an event pops up in the military spouse space that makes me really, really wish I could just come and be a fly on the wall.

If you're lucky enough to live in the Washington, D.C. area, or willing to travel there, one such military spouse career event is on its way to you.

Amplify, a new event from the U.S. Chamber's Hiring our Heroes and In Gear Career, is a potential game changer for career minded military spouses not just because of what it is, but because of what it is not.

We've all been included in large events where we can meet a ton of local military spouses and hear some great tips and tricks for military life. Heck, I've even helped host some like that. Those serve a purpose and are awesome in their own way, but when you need individualized help there's something to be said for going small.

That's what In Gear Career is looking to do with Amplify. Instead of opening it up to everyone who wants to come, the masterminds behind the concept are hoping to create a tight-knit group of military spouses who can use some very specific career help.

And it's not too late for you to apply. 

"The fact that we are doing a small cohort and the reason that we did that on purpose is to really create a community," said Amanda Crowe, who directs the In Gear Career program. "We want these people to go through as s class, we want them to experience this together and we want to encourage them to shore one another up."

oprah-spouse-experience Oprah always knows best. Thanks to NextGen MilSpouse for such a funny/true image.

So what exactly IS Amplify? It's a two-day intensive October 11 and 12 hosted at Fort Belvoir that will connect military spouses with leaders in their industry, give them individualize resume and Linkedin assistance, help them network, provide them with a professional head shot and give them a chance to really get down and dirty on the whole having a career despite military life thing. You can see the whole agenda here.

In short, it's something you don't want to miss. I promise you -- if I was not cooling my heels in Alaska right now (literally), I would be there, too.

So how can you attend? You have to apply -- but you still have a few days. Applications are due by the end of September 19.

Side note: if you're wondering why everything is always in D.C., just like our friends over at NextGen were, In Gear Career hears you. Crowe said while this event is a pilot program on the whole idea, they hope they can take the show on the road next year. Call me selfish, but I'm personally putting a plug in for Alaska.

Apply here!

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