Poll: Tricare's Pharmacy Shake-Up


Tricare's decision to remove CVS, including Target locations, from its list of in-network pharmacies and reintroduce Walgreens came as a surprise to many military family members. Let's be honest: change is hard. And any excuse to go into Target is a good one.

Here's a little background. In 2011, much to everyone's dismay, Tricare dropped Walgreens from their pharmacy network. Now, five years later, they are partnering with them again. But they are also removing CVS from their list. That means that the number of retail pharmacies available to Tricare users nationwide is going to go down about 1,000 and many, many families are going to have to move their business from CVS to somewhere else. The change starts Dec. 1.

You can read the whole news story here. 

Since the news broke I've heard from many readers about how this will impact them -- or not. And now I want to hear from you, too. Will this Tricare pharmacy change impact your family? Let us know in the poll below.


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