Crazy Ice Cream Flavors of Military Life


The sun is low in the sky, neighbors chat up and down the street and the heat of the day has passed. The iconic sound of the ice cream truck floats past on a summer breeze. For some reason, these treats taste better than the ones in the freezer, right? Line up!

Ah, ice cream: Our simultaneous nemesis and favorite summertime indulgence. Kind of like the relationship between military spouses and the military, come to think of it. So, since July is Crazy Ice Cream Flavor Month, we came up with some crazy ice cream flavors for MilSpouses. Sample these flavors while waiting for Congress to approve all the PCS funding we need before we can schedule the movers!

Crazy Ice Cream Flavors of Military Life

PCS Sundae This moving day bowlful has a little of everything! It’s the last scoops of ice cream in your fridge, topped with an assortment of leftover holiday candy. Strawberry and coconut gelato, topped with pecan quarters, York peppermint patties, Easter M&Ms, and a lone Halloween fun-size Snickers? Sounds about right! Eat it in place of dinner, because the movers are gone, the truck is loaded, and we hit the road tomorrow.

See You Later We don’t say goodbye, we say see you later. Chocolate with caramel mixed in, covered with a sprinkle of sea salt. And tears. Fair winds and following seas, dear friend.

Road Trip Move over, rocky road! From sea to shining sea, this flavor has us loving the open road…even after two weeks of driving. Vanilla ice cream, Oreos and brownies mixed in, strawberries and cherries on top—it’s worth pulling over!

Deployment Float Three scoops of coffee flavored ice cream, topped with coffee…or wine. Enjoy with friends or after hours as needed.

Surprise Departure Unexpectedly moving early? Extra duty day? Last minute decision to deploy early? The Surprise Departure is like the Deployment Float, but with wine. And hold the ice cream.

Homecoming This smooth, rich caramel was a long time in the making. Chocolate mix-ins add depth and a nod to hard times overcome. Swirls of fudge and red, white and blue sprinkles add to the festive happiness! If in-laws insist on being present, add nuts!

OCONUS Asia Green tea and purple sweet potato ice cream, anyone? These tasty flavors let you know you’re on the adventure of a lifetime. Grab a cone while touring ancient temples, ruins, or koi ponds. Have a seat in the shade and appreciate the fleeting sweetness of serving your country while touring another continent.

OCONUS Europe We’ll have the pistachio gelato, please, with the Coliseum in the background.

OCONUS Hawaii This tropical sorbet refreshes like a trade wind. Pineapple prevails, with hints of coconut, mango, and taro root. Enjoy this concoction outside in the sun watching tourists invade the paradise you get to live in year-round.

Goal Weight We’re inspired by spouses who hit their goal weights during deployments and PCSing. Good for you! You deserve a treat with the rest of us! Fresh raspberry sorbet with chocolate shavings.

Milspouse Dipped Cone A truly special treat, this hand-dipped cone is harder to crack than you’d expect. Once you get past that first tasty layer, you’ll find Neapolitan ice cream inside—you never know quite what you’ll get with milspouses, but they’re strong and ready for anything. And, in a waffle cone, always ready to move. Walk and eat!

Wherever you find yourself this summer, grab a cup or a cone and raise a spoon to yourself and your fellow milspouses. Cheers to that!

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