Exchange Adds Items to 2016 Layaway Program


If you're a layaway user at the Army and Air Force Exchange System (AAFES) stores, you know that higher ticket items are usually excluded, even though layaway would often be the most helpful for buying them. It could be helpful because, for a small fee that is lower than what you'd be paying in interest on a credit card, the system allows you to pay an item off before you buy it. Winning.

But AAFES is planning to change the rules for a few months late this summer. They want to help families access computer items that they might need for back-to-school season, officials said.

Beginning July 1 and going until August 31, AAFES shoppers will be able to layaway computers, notebooks and tablets, including iPads, officials announced this week. Those are all things that are usually not allowed in layaway.

The $3 service fee and the 15 percent deposit are still needed to use layaway, even for these more expensive items. Because the program ends on August 31, you need to have paid for and picked-up your item by then -- otherwise you'll be paying a $5 cancellation fee.

Typically the Exchange will allow a 30 day layaway for clothing, handbags and shoes, 60 days for all other items except jewelry, and 120 days for fine jewelry. The Navy Exchange allows 90 days for almost all items except jewlery, which you can layaway for 180 days.

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