'You Military Wives:' Poem for MilSpouse Appreciation Day

When I first heard this poem by Shelene Waters, a military spouse I met at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, I knew what I had to do with it: share it.

Originally written as gift for her fellow Army wives in the infantry unit she was leaving (thus the "wives" aspect -- at the time her unit had no male spouses), the poem was meant to tell real live people she knows how she feels about their strength.

But when I heard it? I thought of you all.

Every day I ask myself how I can best support my fellow military spouses through my job at Military.com. And every Military Spouse Appreciation day I struggle to come up with the best way to tell you all just how much I adore you, how much your support of your troops and families day in and day out amazes me, how much I marvel at each and every one of you.

Shelene's poem says it all.

And so here it is for you. Share it with a spouse that amazes you like you amaze me.

You Military Wives Poem (Shelene Waters)

You military wives (and husbands) -- you're awesome.

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