Program Helps Spouse Attorneys Access Distance Work


A new partnership between the Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN), a bar association for military spouse attorneys, and a online legal board will help military spouses find legal work regardless of their locations.

Spouse attorneys face the same career challenges that many military spouses face regardless of profession. Moves often require re-licensing in a new state before they can work. But for attorneys that process often requires months of study and taking an expensive test, not to mention getting hired at a local law firm.

Legal Services Link allows many attorneys, regardless of where they are licensed, to connect with potential clients on a type of legal jobs board. Clients post short summaries of the legal work they need, and Legal Link hooks them up with attorneys who have the expertise to help, officials there said. The new partnership with MSJDN allows spouse attorneys to use the program, too.

"It's a perfect fit for our members because it is really all online and, thus, more flexible than many traditional methods of client development," said Libby Jamison, a spokesman for MSJDN. "For example, I've been practicing using my California license for the last five years while not actually living in California ... So for someone like me trying to bring in new clients from afar, it's a wonderful tool that embraces the fact that many clients are turning to the internet to find an attorney."

Jamison warned that some jurisdictions, like New York, require attorneys to have a physical office to practice under a license there, so spouses should be careful to know the rules. But for most people, she said, the Legal Services Link tool will be beneficial.

The tool is free for one year for MSJDN members, Jamison said.

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