'Best Ranger' Stud's Baby Gender Reveal Goes Viral


Lets say you are one of the Army's most elite soldiers, a member of a Special Forces unit, a total bad-ass and a finisher of the Army's Best Ranger competition who is darn good with a weapon. Now let's say you and your fiance are about to have a baby, and want to do something unique and fun to find out your unborn kid's gender.

How about shooting a box full of colored chalk and getting an awesome photographer to capture the moment? Why, yes, that does sound like a great idea.

And this is what you get:


(Anna Elizabeth Photography/Facebook)



(Anna Elizabeth Photography/Facebook)


Seriously -- how cool is that? Mom Jamie Indiveri, who is engaged to Sgt. 1st Class Keith Batchelder, spoke with BuzzFeed about their photo shoot.

But when we hit them up through a mutual friend for comments their enthusiasm over the way their very cool gender reveal had gone had changed a little.

Why? Because the internet haters started giving them a hard time over the use of a gun in their announcement. And Batchelder, newly on the E-8 list, doesn't want to risk his Army career over the crazy of other people.

Here's what we think: if you finish the Army's Best Ranger competition three times running, yes, you can use a gun in your baby announcement. Get over it, Internet.

(You can see the rest of the photos here).

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