Here's What You Think About More Guns on Base


Early this year we asked you a simple question: Do we need more troops with guns on base?

Here's what happened. The Air Force reminded base commanders in early January that they have the freedom to expand who can carry a weapon while on base, off duty and out of uniform. They said it was a good idea since FBI records show armed bystanders stop attacks in their tracks (although a Military.com data analysis found that may not be accurate.)

So we wanted to know if you're comfortable with that idea. The Air Force said they would require the newly armed Airmen to go through a special training, so this is just troops carrying guns willy-nilly. And, you'll recall, there is no other concealed carry on base. Families who live on base are required to store their weapons in the armory. On-duty MPs and anyone else permitted to carry by the base are the only folks walking around with weapons.

And you said, overwhelmingly, that "yes," you think more armed people on base is a great idea. Here are the results of the poll:



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