New MilSpouse TV Show: Tell Producers What You Want


A well-known production company is looking for military spouses to be a part of a new documentary style TV show. They want you to apply -- and they want to hear from you about what aspects of military life they should and not focus on.

Before we get into details, here's a little disclaimer: Anytime there's a casting call or news about a new documentary or reality show or drama in the works about the military community, will all kind of cringe. That's because we have seen really bad  shows or show concepts come  up, and we know that it's easy to milk the drama of military life for all it's worth, without presenting anything good.

But after spending about an hour on the phone with Olivia, one of the casting producers, listening to the story concept and what they are trying to do through this show, I'm feeling pretty good about it. I would never share anything with you that I didn't feel confident was a safe bet. While the production company doesn't want their name publicized for now due to legal reasons, take my word for it -- this Emmy Award-winning production company does some solid work.

I also heard that they want to get this right. They want to give a complete picture of life as a military caregiver, female service member or military spouse. My coworker and I told them that we hope they focus on the non-typical dramas of military life. Why not talk about the employment struggle, or what it's like to balance the expectation of attending events or volunteering on base with the realities of having a job and  being your family's primary caregiver? Or maybe instead of what it's like to say 'goodbye' to a spouse -- how it feels to say goodbye to your fellow spouses during PCS season?

So here's what they want: female military spouses, active duty servicewomen and caregivers who want to share their story with a national audience. Bonus points if you have local friends who want to apply, too. Interested? Go here and fill out the application.

And leave your thoughts on what the show should focus on in the commenting section here on SpouseBuzz. We promise those brains behind the show will be reading them. We really want them to get this right for the community. I know you can help make that happen.

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