How to Help Military Families in Brussels


By now we've all heard the news -- over 30 people were killed and close to 270 injured, including a U.S. Air Force family whose name has not yet been released, in the coordinated terrorist attacks on Brussels, Belgium this week.

Starting just a few hours after the attacks I saw our military community stateside start to do what we always do in the face of fear and hurt in our family -- step-up. Message after message came in to me asking how we, as a community, can help those stationed in Belgium

The DoD has about 1,300 service members and dependents and about 600 civilian employees in Belgium, which is home to the European Union and NATO. That's a lot of families hunkering down right now, fearing ongoing attacks and more deaths.

But what can those of us do stateside to help?

Sadly, not much tangible, one spouse told me, except send good thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Actual cards aren't a possibility right now because mail coming in and out of the Brussels airport is at a halt until flights restart.

"I think the big thing that families are worrying about right now is safety, particularly while traveling," she said me. "I can't think of anything concrete [to do] right now. Prayers and good wishes are always appreciated."

So here's an idea -- let's collect our thoughts and prayers for our Belgium-based military family here on SpouseBuzz. Leave a comment below and we'll work to make sure our military families there know that they are on our hearts.

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