Why You Find Contradicting Opinions at SpouseBuzz


I've seen a lot of questions from our readers over the past few weeks, particularly on our social media channels, confused as to why we would publish a piece presenting a certain argument one day, and then just a few days later publish something that says exactly the opposite. Don't we realize we're contradicting ourselves?

The simple answer is: yes, we do -- and it's on purpose.

The reasoning is simple. SpouseBuzz is not one person's voice. Although I, Amy, author quite a bit of this blog (particularly any news story you may see), this is not my blog. My blog is over here.

SpouseBuzz is your blog.

Who are you? You are the members of the military community. You are diverse. You are lively. You are awesome.

And your views deserve to be shared. That's why at SpouseBuzz we welcome new contributors with views from every angel of any given story. We print almost every single thing that comes through our inbox. (And if you knew what I said "no" to, you'd understand.) We want those contradicting opinions here, because that variety is what makes our community so unique and exciting.

We want lively discourse. We expect it to also be civil. We know you can deliver.

Our SpouseBuzz manifesto lives over on our "About Us" page, but I think it's worth repeating here. This is who we are, what we do and what we want.

Here is who we are and what we are trying to do at SpouseBuzz:

We are many voices. SpouseBuzz is edited by one person — but it is not a blog of a single opinion. You’ll find many voices, viewpoints, opinions and advice here from all walks of life and all perspectives. We welcome new writers. If you have something to say, we want to hear it. Don’t let your inner critic prevent you from making a difference in the world. Use our contact us page to submit something new. Don’t agree with something you’ve read here? We want to hear your voice, too.

We are all military spouses. SpouseBuzz doesn’t have one central opinion on any given subject. We represent all corners of the community and look to run posts from every view point. We know that there are two sides or more to every subject, every controversy. More than anyone else in the world, we can see that there is no one right way to be a military spouse. So we include everyone. We welcome the opinions of male and female spouses, enlisted and officer, old and young, retirees and wannabees, every race and nationality. We are curious about how the military life affects you — and what you are going to do about it.

We are living the life. We believe that the best ideas about how to live a better military life come from military spouses themselves. So SpouseBuzz writers are all people building a life with someone in  at least part-time uniform. Our families are deploying. Our families are moving. Our families are working. Our families are raising military kids. We are living the military life right now.

We are doers. At SpouseBuzz, we know that military life happens. We feel the pain or suffer the hardship or get swallowed by the demand. Then we stand up and do something. We believe that is the only way to do it and we expect our readers to be doers, too.

We are pro-military. Suzy Sunshine doesn’t live here. So we SpouseBuzzers feel free to complain about the military or point out problems with the way our programs are run. Underneath it all is our strong belief that the military is run by good people who want the world to be an orderly place. We want to be part of that.

We listen to the Buzz. Whether MilSpouses are talking about it on Facebook, on HuffPost, on TV, on the radio, in academia, or in the halls of Congress itself, we want to know what you are buzzing about — and write about that.

We expect you to grow. Our readers expect a lot from themselves and each other. Often we do get into debates about how to handle a certain situation. Critical thinking is welcome. Meanness, cussing, and name calling are not. Sometimes it is hard for us to figure out where tolerance should end and moderating ought to begin. We’re open to your thoughts on that subject.

We expect to grow, too. We are real people with real feelings and real flaws. We encourage each other to take real risks. So sometimes we make real mistakes. We expect our readers to call us to task when we are wrong. We expect ourselves to take that feedback and grow into the kind of people you would be proud to know.

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