New Military Family TV Drama Ordered by CBS


If your dream TV night includes a show about about high-drama military family life and scandal among very important (pretend) military officials, well, a pilot ordered for CBS may just make your TV dreams come true.

There's very little out there about what this show will actually be about. Here's what we do know:

The show is currently called "Four Stars." According to Variety it "follows two powerful rival families in the military community of Tampa, Florida, who make decisions at the highest levels in the interest of national security."

The show is being written by Becky Mode, who wrote a few episodes of "Smash." RJ Cutler of "Nashville" fame will direct and produce with two more producers, Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly, the pair behind "Elementary."

Now here's what we're wondering: Will the show be about what we think it will be about?

Tampa has been the location of a whole hill of weird military intrigue over the last several years. The Petreaus scandal had a major Tampa theme, as did the weird sub-drama involving this Tampa socialite and her odd, gushing emails. (Is this really what people with a lot of money do?)

All of that is high drama, made for TV stuff that I sincerely hope doesn't make it to the screen. But it does seem like a TV show centered around Tampa and called "Four Stars," logically a reference to military rank, would be silly to avoid those truth-is-stranger-than-fiction story lines.

The pilot, which is being filmed in Louisiana (confusing, right?) may make it to the channel sometime this year if CBS decides to pick it up.

Fact: If this makes it to my TV, I'll probably watch out of curiosity.  But truthfully, I'd rather just stick to Shondaland and leave military life to all my other waking hours.

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