Time to Vote for Base-Level 2016 Spouse of the Year


If you want to have a say in who is chosen as the 2016 Military Spouse of the Year, it's time to get cracking. And I mean right now. Go.

Voting opened today for the base-level round of the Military Spouse of the Year nomination process -- and it's only open today.

Here's the deal. Early this month you were able to nominate military spouses (or yourself -- totally our secret, don't worry) for the annual award. Military Spouse Magazine gave those people time accept the nomination. Bases or areas that received more than one accepted nomination were rolled into the next step that started today -- a popularity vote for base level winner. (That's where you come in.)

The Military Spouse of the Year awards judge panel will take a look at who wins in the popularity vote -- and from there will select 18 finalists. Those finalists will then go through another popularity vote and another looksie by the panel in February. From there the branch winners will be selected, and a final vote will be held in the Spring to determine the Big Winner.


So why does this matter now? Because all of the voting you do today (TODAY. GO!) is used to determine who makes the final cut to the final four.

We're not endorsing anyone, but we did see some familiar names on the nomination list. There's Cassandra Bratcher, an awesome Marine Corps spouse who founded an organization that doesn't give two cents whether you're married or "just" a significant other. We also saw Janine Boldrin, who co-founded the only magazine for military children, Military Kids' Life. 

Get voting!

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