Poll: More Concealed and Open Carry Guns on Base?


A reminder last week from big Air Force to base commanders that they are permitted to give more Airman the ability to carry weapons both openly and concealed on base has us freshly wondering whether or not the policy is a good idea.

On the one hand, the Air Force says that armed bystanders regularly stop active shooter incidents before police can intervene. On the other hand, FBI data examined by Military.com shows that may not be entirely the case – only 3.1 percent of incidents recorded between 2000 and 2013 were halted by an armed witness who was not law-enforcement.

There’s something to be said for feeling safer just because you know someone around you is armed and willing to help in a dangerous situation. And there's also the argument that if the “bad guys” know someone might be armed, they could be less likely to be, well, bad. On the flip side, however, are plenty of worries including gun safety and making sure the good guys are actually good.

One thing is absolutely true – the issue is a complicated one. So weigh in. Do you think more troops on military bases should be armed?


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