New MilSpouse Podcast Like Hanging With Friends

A new podcast launched by our pals over at NextGen MilSpouse is the perfect way to cap off your week. And I'm not just saying that because they let me drop in for a few minutes each week to share a little news from the spouse world.

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Adrianna Domingos-Lupher or Michelle Volkman, the genius women behind NextGen, you've instantly found yourself with two new friends. That's just how Michelle and Adrianna are. They are empowering, brilliant, kind and fun. They are the people you want to stand next to at a party. They make everyone around them look like superstars. Just knowing them makes me smarter.

I don't get to see either of them in person very often, but when I listen to their podcast I feel like I am hanging out with friends, laughing about the week and commiserating about the military world.

So imagine my excitement when they asked me to spend a few minutes with them on the podcast each week giving the scoop on interesting news from the military spouse world. This podcast is meant to be entertaining -- but that doesn't mean we can't touch base over important news like this business about state-issued IDs on base. If it's important to your life, you can bet we'll be talking about it.

The Happy Hour podcast also comes each week with an update on what's happening and being talked about over on NextGen, advice on what to sip, binge and splurge on this week and a update on how things are going with the inspiring NextGen 52-week challenge. (Hint: splurge on these folks.)

The podcast releases each week on Friday, so you can do what I do -- grab a glass of wine and listen while making dinner or winding down from the week. Subscribe on iTunes or Android, or visit NextGen MilSpouse each week to find the newest episode.


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