9 Military Life Goals to Make Today


It seems like every year the world collectively makes the same goals. “I want to get healthier and work out more.” “I want to be more organized and on time.” “I want to be a better spouse/parent/employee.”

That’s great folks, but let’s get specific. With military life, being organized is a generality that cannot -- there, I said it -- cannot be done 100 percent of the time. Getting healthier? Isn’t that everyone’s daily idea until the end of time?

No, for those living the military lifestyle, there are a few goals that not only make daily life easier, they prevent headaches months and months into the future.

Trust me.

9 Military Life Decisions to Make Today

1. I will not make time specific plans for Friday night.

If I do, someone will lose their night vision goggles (that should have been locked in a room at the motor pool) and the unit will be on lockdown for 32 hours.

2. I will buy travel insurance for any nonrefundable vacation/trip expenses.

With the knowledge that no matter how carefully I plan, how many people clear my dates, or how early the leave form is signed, leave will be canceled if I don’t purchase insurance.

3. I will inventory and photograph all new valuables we buy to make the inevitable PCS damage claims a breeze.

That way, one of two things will happen. Either we won’t PCS or we will have a magical PCS where nothing valuable is broken and no claim will be filed. Always look for a way to out-trick Murphy.

4. I will plan for my service member to miss at least one family dinner each month because someone must complete an OPRD for an event that likely won’t happen.

Last year, my new year’s resolutions included more sit down meals as a family. Let’s play the odds this time.

5. I will keep my dress uniform correctly set up and dry-cleaned.

Because the moment I don’t, there will be a no-notice formal event with mandatory attendance.

6. I will have a ready-to-share Murphy’s Law story.

Because the moment I feel like everything is under control something will go horribly wrong. And, never mention the phrase, “Well, this is going smoothly!” You. Will. RUIN. IT.

7. I will not articulate the fact that my spouse has not deployed, gone to a school or gone TDY during this assignment.

Because then he will, over the weekend that one child has a soccer game at the exact same time the other has a dance recital and the car is in the shop. Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, you devil.

8. I will keep the kids’ shot records up to date and a copy on hand.

Because the version in Tricare’s system is either incorrect or can’t be read by my current clinic. And no one needs an extra Chicken Pox vaccine. No, thanks.

9. I will keep a working set of clippers in the bathroom and a shaving kit in the car.

Because that text message letting us know that there will be an inspection/visit from the General/leave is canceled will come in 15 minutes after the last barber shop within 20 miles closes.

Whatever your goals for 2016 include, we know there are some aspects of military life that can’t be avoided. Instead, we rely on flexibility and finding a more creative path to meet our goals!

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