Our New Look is All About You

You’ve probably noticed SpouseBuzz is looking a little different these days – a little bit shinier, a little bit fresher and a little bit more about you.

That’s because we’ve given our site a refresh and upgrade to make it easier to read on both the desktop version and on your mobile device. We’ve also made some big changes to make the site faster and more reliable. We noticed things were a little unstable and slow around here, and we want you to have the best experience possible.

The changes we’ve made to how we look are all about giving you quickly and reliably the military spouse and community news you are most interested in reading and the great tips and tricks for military life you come here to find.  At SpousBuzz we take seriously our commitment to serving the entire military spouse and family community. We work hard to bring you perspectives from across the services and representative of all the diversity our military has to offer.

One of the things that makes the military community as a whole so compelling is our complete devotion to service to our country while still presenting a broad diversity of opinions and feelings about any given topic or issue. Sometimes we almost universally agree. (Should military paycheck be on time? Um, yes. Always yes.) Often we are split completely down the middle. (Does the commissary really save you money? Well …).

That's why we've recently added a team of new, fresh, regular contributors. At SpouseBuzz we have not consumed the military life kool-aide. We know military life is hard -- we are not afraid to admit that. But we also know military life is beautiful. And we are not afraid to talk about that, either.

As part of our move to this new site some of the comments on some posts may have been lost. If one of those comments belonged to you, we’re sorry.

At SpouseBuzz we know our differences are what make our military community so beautiful. We don’t steer clear of issues that we know will showcase that variety. Instead, we welcome both sides of the story and the perspective of anyone who wants to give one. If you read something here with which you don’t agree – tell us. We want to share your side of the story, too. You can go here to drop us a note. We read and do our best to respond to every single reader email we receive.

When I started blogging for SpouseBuzz in 2010, I was looking for a way to connect with other military spouses. My husband had just returned from a very stressful deployment and I spent my days taking care of an infant. I craved that sense of community that may very well be what brought you here as well.

Now, as the editor of the site, I have seen the military spouse community on SpouseBuzz surround each other, lift each other up and hold each other close in ways that make me proud to be a part of this community. I have been given a window into others’ joy and pain that has been both truly humbling and an incredible honor.

I know that, at the end of the day, our readers and contributors are what makes SpouseBuzz the dynamic community it is. And so, thank you. Thank you for reading us. Thank you for trusting us with your stories. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life – and for being a part of ours.

We’re glad you’re here.

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