4 Christmas Wishes from SpouseBuzz

Christmas ornaments (U.S. Army/Renee Rhodes)

Christmas – whether or not you celebrate it for religious reasons – is a season of hope, love and kindness.

And so today, with the figgy pudding, the eggnog, the presents, the snuggles and the Christmas jammies we wish that your Christmas would be:

Merry. May the joy of the season – of family, friends, warmth of the fire and beautiful memories in the making – wrap its arms around you.

Bright. May the hope that comes with that joy illuminate you into the new year.

Jolly. May you laugh until your sides hurt.

Fast. Wait, what? We know that if you're dealing with military separation today, you don't need the lonely pats of the holiday to linger. So while we want you to revel in the coziness of the fire and of friends who are closer than family, we also wish you this: may the sad parts speed by and may your loved one return faster than Santa in a fighter jet.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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